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About my artwork

I create textile paintings and sketches made from a rich palette of my hand-dyed fabrics complemented by extensive, textural stitching demonstrating the transformative power of stitch. Abstraction is a persistent and insistent force. Working improvisationally, I capture the essence of my subjects to impart a sense of wonder of the natural world and a strong affinity to place.

Daily walks are a creative habit integral to my studio practice whether I am home or travelling. By closely observing my surroundings, and taking hundreds of photos, I have a bountiful inspiration bank that informs my work. I also embrace the serendipity factor. From the dye pot, to the design wall, to the sewing machine, I am always open to the possibility of a glorious accident.

On Exhibition

  • Geometricks 5-8am Thursday 27 April 2023
  • Abstraction in Action (Weekdays) from 5am 3, 4 and 18 May and 8 June 2023
  • Abstraction Action (Weekends) from 6pm 6, 7 and 20 May and 10 June 2023. Ideal for UK and Europe.

Book your place!

Join me for the Global Quilt Connection All-Star Sampler Platter where I will be sharing Zig Zag Pizzazz. Create energetic designs with flair and style using zig zag freeform piecing techniques.