Productivity Tools

I find the following productivity tools useful in my creative practice:

  • Dropbox is brilliant for storing key files “in the cloud” and file sharing with others. It comes with a clean, intuitive interface AND automatic folder synchronization that is fully compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. This way I can access all my teaching notes, patterns and high res quilt images even when I am on the road.dropbox
  • Harvest is powerful online time recording software that can be used on your computer desk top or mobile device.  The free version allows up to two “projects”, each with unlimited subtasks and provision for annotations for individual time entries.  What’s more, there are excellent report functions so you can easily pinpoint how long you have spent on particular tasks.

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Some of the above links are affiliate links, meaning I may receive a payment or other benefit if you use my link to make a purchase. I only recommend products and services I strongly believe in and use myself.