Workshops with Brenda Gael Smith

I have developed a portfolio of project-based and technique-driven patchwork and quilting classes for teaching at shops or private venues on the Central Coast, in the greater Sydney metropolitan area and beyond. My focus is on striking designs and the effective use of colour so as to promote fun and encourage the creative confidence of my students.

Here is an overview of some of the classes available. The workshops are suitable for all levels and are generally structured as one-day (six hour) classes. Some can be extended to two-day classes. Have a look at my schedule of forthcoming workshops and presentations.

Click on images for workshop descriptions on my main design and teaching website or download my Serendipity Patchwork & Quilting Workshops Brochure.

Creating with Felt linesofbeauty-promo

Binding Finish (My People) Metropolis © 2014 Brenda Gael Smith Making Waves Workshop The Modern X
Bound to Please Logs & Ladders
– Building with Improvisation
Making Waves Modern X
Power Stripping Workshop with Brenda Gael Smith Autumn Splendour Serendipity Circles Workshop Creating with Felt
Power Stripping Scrap Queen Odyssey Serendipity Circles Creating with Felt
Making Waves Workshop Colour Rhapsody Workshop Serendipity Shibori The X Factor
Stacks of Improvisation Strata Various Shibori Serendipity The X Factor